Accomplishments for 2019

$76,000.00                350 students – Homework Helpers

$1,700.00                   50 students – Wellness at MS

$1,000.00                   30 students – Performance Program at MS

$1,000.00                   30-40 students – Science Program at MS

$1,000.00                   20 students – Social Academic Program at MS

$7,000.00                   150 students – Jazz night

$1,000.00                   10 students – Newspaper Technical Support at HS

$1000.00                    60 students – Robotics

$1000.00                    30 students – Summer RISE programs 

$1,500.00                   20 students – Coding Workshop

$2,000.00                   60 students – Model UN

$1,500.00                   55 students – School Store

$1,600.00                   6 students – Website maintenance

$6,000.00                   50 students – Little Language Academy

$3,000.00                   75 students – Elementary Coding Club

$750.00                      30 students – Elementary Language Arts Scrabble Club

$1,000.00                   90 students – Elementary Strings in the Afternoon

$400.00                      90 students – Elementary Strings in the Summer

$500.00                      30 students – Garden Project at MS

$1,000.00                   40 students – Communication Core at MS

$150.00                      15 students – Broadway Club at MS

$200.00                      15 students – Peer Pack at MS

$1,500.00                   30 students - Unity Club at MS


  • Homework Helpers Program: Since the spring of 2012, elementary students have been paired in small groups with high schoolers to receive homework assistance and academic role modeling. Parents, teachers and students have been enthusiastic in their support for this program. Over 120 students from all three elementary schools benefit from this ongoing program.


  • SOAR Program: Secondary and elementary science teachers are promoting S.T.E.M. education, teaching over 30 students who are learning and applying aeronautical engineering principles.

  • Strings in the Afternoon and Summer: Students are given an opportunity to discover a love of orchestra and enhance their musical skills.


  • Health and Wellness Program: With growing concern over childhood health and obesity issues, this program provides over 30 sixth grade students with healthy living skills and wellness education. Performance Program: Over 30 students receive weekly instruction on spoken word performance and presentation techniques in this popular before-school program. Science Program: Over 25 students have the opportunity to utilize the Middle School’s vast science resources and explore extra-curricular science topics in this popular extra-curricular opportunity.

  • Social Academic Program: Social and academic success can go hand in hand. This program for 20 students brings together students from a variety of academic levels to encourage appreciation for each other’s unique abilities.

  • Unity Club: Students engage in moderated discussion involving issues and concerns about social justice.


  • Journalism: Foundation funding has provided technical and staff support for the high school newspaper, allowing journalism students access to the most current, professional publishing software.

  • Robotics: Sayville High School’s popular and successful robotics program trains students in the design and the production of a functional robot, used in engineering competitions. Foundation support has helped that program serve more students and participate in more competitions.

  • Jazz Day: The over 100 high school vocal and instrumental jazz students annually benefit from clinics provided by professional jazz musicians. Foundation support provides artist honoraria and supports one of the best music programs on Long Island!

  • Homework Helpers: 50 high school students receive grants to provide tutoring and mentoring services for elementary students in each of Sayville’s three elementary schools.

  • Peer Pack: General and Special Education students partner in becoming franchised within our school community. This emulates Best Buddies.



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